To participate in the building of the kingdom of God in the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester through the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.


To see people and families reconciled to God and each other through the message of the gospel and to be part of restoring our neighborhood to joy, generosity, unity, and freedom.

Core Values

Christ Centered
We believe that the truth of Jesus Christ as presented to us in the Old and New Testaments ought to be the focus and driving force of all teaching and ministry in the church.

Cross Cultural
We do our best to recognize the dynamics of the neighborhood ethnically, socially, and economically in our worship and community building and try to organize the life of our worshiping community around the cultural dynamic.

Neighborhood Focused
We present the gospel in word and deed and contextualize to the needs of Beechwood,
equipping residents to address each other's needs, while engaging in partnerships with local, like-minded institutions.

Listen to the sermon series about our core values.